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Procrastin’s Table is a place to experience the delights of cured meats, aged cheeses, local fruits and vegetables. We believe every board, box and grazing table should be procrastinated over with family and friends.

About Sarah

Sarah is a wife and mother to 4 She believes in the Slow Food Movement where we should procrastinate over our food, savoring every bite and relishing in the company and conversation at the table.

Sarah is the oldest of 11 children who grew up on a 40 acre peach orchard in East Texas. She met her soulmate, Alex, while in college but they were on separate life paths at the time. God has a funny sense of humor because years later they reconnected in Washington D.C while he was in graduate school and she was working as an event planner. As they say the rest is history…4 kids and 3 moves across the country later has landed them in Oklahoma City.

When not doing laundry or school runs Sarah is very active in her local church community, watching soccer games from the sidelines, working out and learning about the history of wine, cheeses, cured meats and all things food. She volunteers her time to help plan events for non-profits from time to time.

When you knock on our door or Sarah delivers an order you will most likely meet one or all of the kids! We are definitely a family run operation with a lot of heart and soul at the center of everything we do.

Sarah brings her experience of event planning, her passion for slowing down at the table, and making every meal an experience of the senses to Oklahoma City. Truly bringing back the Culture of the Table one experience at a time.

Whats in a Name

The name, Procrastin’s Table, is in remembrance of Sarah’s husband’s mother, Jacki, who died of breast cancer years ago. She loved horses especially race horses so in her free-time from teaching at the local elementary school in a suburb of St. Louis, MO she breed, raised, and raced horses. She is dearly missed by all those who knew her. The name of her racing farm was Procrastin Farm. Alex and Sarah wanted to remember Jacki but also emphasize the importance of slowing down when eating with friends and family, to cherish the memory of times gone by. Hence the name Procrastin’s Table.

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